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Reviews Otsego Dental Group


This area of concern is, and will continue to be, a controversial debate among the scientific and public health community. Both sides seem to present some evidence that dental amalgam [silver] fillings, either “do” or “do not”… present a potential health concern. The American Dental Association has currently sided with the view that they are not a public health risk.

As clinical practitioners, and not scientists, even we can be conflicted as to which side presents the correct and true evidence. To err on the side of safety, is always the best practice. It is the policy of the Otsego Dental Group to utilize composite resin fillings to restore our patient’s teeth.

For our many patients with concerns about dental amalgam and mercury contamination, we will utilize the composite material whenever an older silver restoration is due to be replaced. It would fall on the patient or a referring MD to prescribe the complete removal of all amalgam for health related concerns.

When amalgam is removed for health concerns, the dental team will utilize a dental damn, the patient breathes oxygen from a mask, and a team member has high volume evacuation to prevent the swallowing or inhalation of any particulate amalgam or mercury.