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It’s important to begin taking care of your child’s smile before they even have visible teeth. When the time comes to brushing your child’s teeth, there are many options for toothpaste for children, and our dental team is happy to help you make the best choice.

When you are at the store for toothpaste, you may not be sure what meets your child’s dental needs. Toothpaste can offer several properties that prevent gum disease, strengthen tooth enamel and even brighten teeth, making it a challenge to select your child’s toothpaste. However, the good news is that children’s toothpaste is very simple and you only need to consider a few things.

For instance, children who are under three years old should use toothpaste without fluoride. While fluoride can greatly benefit your teeth, it should not be swallowed. And it’s impossible to guarantee that a child won’t swallow a little bit of toothpaste. To ensure the toothpaste you choose is safe and effective, look for the ADA Seal of Acceptance.

The other option to consider is the flavor, as the majority of children’s toothpastes are designed to taste good to encourage children to brush. While adults often enjoy mint toothpastes, children tend to prefer a mild flavor such as something fruity. As long as your child enjoys tooth brushing time, they are more likely to keep their teeth clean.

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