Root canals are the tiny passages that extend from beneath the top of the tooth to the tip of the root. Each of your teeth have one or more root canals. You can experience many tooth problems if the infection spreads to the pulp of the tooth. The pulp is the inner chamber that contains the nerves, tissues, and blood vessels. Advanced infection can affect the tooth roots, causing pain, sensitivity, and small pockets of pus that lead to abscess. Dr. Harbin may recommend root canal therapy in Gaylord, Michigan, to treat an infected tooth. Root canal therapy involves removing the affected tissue to stop the spread of infection and restoring the health of the tooth. It is designed to save the tooth from extraction and has a very high success rate.

Root Canal Procedure

Root canal therapy requires one to three visits with Dr. Harbin. First, our dentist will make an access opening through the top of the tooth, continuing into the inner chamber to remove the diseased tissue. The inner chamber is then cleaned and disinfected and the tiny canals are reshaped as needed. We then fill the chamber with medication and an elastic material to prevent future recurring infection. Our dentist may temporarily fill the access opening in the tooth until it can be sealed with a dental crown.

Most patients experience little to no discomfort during a root canal procedure and enjoy a restored tooth that lasts almost as long as the healthy original would. Please feel free to call Otsego Dental Group at (989) 448‑2664 to speak to a team member about any concerns you may have and to schedule an appointment.