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Teeth whitening can effectively enhance teeth that are dull, discolored, or stained.  When tooth enamel wears away, the darker tissue underneath becomes exposed, making the teeth appear duller.

Foods like berries and soy sauce and drinks such as tea and coffee can all have a staining effect on the teeth.  Tooth decay will also make the teeth look darker and discolored.

Many patients are turning to teeth whitening to remove stains.  While commercial whitening toothpastes can remove some surface stains, many are too abrasive and will remove tooth enamel.  Over-the-counter whitening agents can only remove minor staining, and make no difference for deep stains.

Otsego Dental Group offers professional teeth whitening to help your smile achieve a brilliant shine.  Our whitening treatment can last for years.  Dr. Harbin utilizes a powerful whitening gel that is applied to your teeth to lighten the color of your enamel and remove deep stains.  Our dentist will help you determine if teeth whitening is the proper procedure for your smile.  Teeth that are pitted or badly discolored with brown or gray stains may benefit from dental bonding, veneers, or crowns to achieve a healthier and more cosmetic appearance.