Many patients have questions about dental fillings.  Some of the common questions we hear are: “Is amalgam safe?”  “Could I have an allergic reaction to amalgam?”  “Can my dental filling match my tooth color?”  “Why does my filling need to be replaced?”

Dental Amalgams

Organizations such as the Food and Drug Administration and the United States Public Health Services have been investigating the safety of amalgam material in dental fillings.  No valid evidence has shown amalgam fillings to be harmful to patients, with the rare exception of rare allergic reactions.  In light of the long-standing controversy about mercury in amalgam fillings, our doctors have elected to use alternative restorations whenever possible.

Alternative Materials

Advanced dentistry offers many ways to create pleasing and natural looking smiles.  Researchers have developed ceramic and plastic compounds that can mimic the appearance of missing teeth, which means patients have several choices when it comes to repairing damaged teeth.

Esthetic materials have not eliminated the use of more traditional restorations, such as amalgam.  Traditional materials continue to be popular for their strength and durability, though they are not as natural looking as materials that can be matched to the color of your teeth.  Common alternatives to amalgam fillings include:

  • Composite: A mixture of finely ground glasslike particles and acrylic resin
  • Porcelain: Also known as ceramic
  • Ionomers:  A mixture of acrylic acid and fine glass powder

Our skilled dentist, Dr. Harbin, will gladly help you determine which type of dental filling is right for your smile. We invite you to call Otsego Dental Group at (989) 448‑2664 to learn more about our dental fillings in Gaylord, Michigan.