Dentures in Gaylord, Michigan are made from very advanced materials designed to give your smile a natural appearance. Please keep in mind that just like your teeth, dentures should be cared for with the same diligence. Daily cleaning and regular visits with your dentist, Dr. Harbin, are highly recommended. Our team at Otsego Dental Group may also make minor adjustments to ensure that your dentures continue fitting naturally and comfortably. Please call (989) 448‑2664 if you have any questions and would like to make an appointment.

Dentures are an oral appliance that replaces missing teeth and adjacent tissue. They are made of acrylic resin that can be combined with various metals. Dentures improve chewing and speech, as well as provide support to the facial muscles and enhance your facial appearance and smile.

Types of Dentures

  • Complete dentures replace the full dental arch, and are beneficial for patients who have lost all or most of their teeth. They can be placed in the upper or lower jaw, or both.
  • Partial dentures fill spaces left by missing teeth, preventing the surrounding teeth from shifting. They are suitable for patients who have healthy teeth remaining.
  • Immediate dentures are complete dentures that are inserted into the mouth immediately after the remaining teeth are extracted. Our dentist takes careful measurements and models of your smile during a preliminary visit to ensure your immediate dentures will fit properly. With immediate dentures, you do not need to be without teeth, but your dentures will need to be relined or rebased as the gums and bones heal and shrink.
  • Overdentures fit over a small area of teeth or implants and are completely removable. Your natural teeth will need to be prepared to ensure stability for the overdenture.

How are dentures made?

The denture process can take about five visits to perform the diagnosis, create an impression and wax bite, match the color and shape of your smile, and place the final denture.

Our dentist, Dr. Harbin, will make a dental mold of your mouth including the measurements of your jaw and bite. The impression is then sent to our dental laboratory to create the custom denture.

The laboratory creates a model of your jaw, then places the teeth in a wax base and molds the wax to match the desired form of the finished denture. After the wax is removed, the mold is filled with pliable pink plastic that is hardened with heat. After a final polishing, your denture is ready.

Our dentist may recommend complete or partial dentures to restore your smile. If you are missing multiple teeth; dentures can improve your ability to properly speak and eat, and enhance the overall beauty of your smile. Your dentures will be custom made to fit your smile comfortably, aesthetically, and securely. We invite you to call (989) 448‑2664 or visit us soon to learn more about how dentures can improve your smile!

Caring for Your Denture

Brush your denture daily to remove food and bacteria and to keep it bright.  You can use denture cleaner, hand soap, or mild dishwashing liquid.

You must also care for your mouth, brushing any remaining teeth as well as your tongue, gums, and palate.