Various Issues Associated With Bruxism

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Are you familiar with bruxism? Bruxism occurs due to an oral health condition in which a person unconsciously grinds and clenches their teeth together. This typically happens while you’re asleep or unconscious and can be linked to a myriad of factors. In order to accurately and effectively protect your mouth, it is important to understand the known signs of bruxism that can occur, including the following:

– Bruxism is commonly linked to grinding and gnashing your teeth while you sleep. This form is known as sleep bruxism.
– Flat teeth and worn tooth enamel is a sign of bruxism.
– If you experience jaw pain or face pain or have any tired or tight jaw muscles, it could be linked to bruxism.
– Irregular features of your mouth including indentations on your tongue or cheek tissue damage to the inner lining of your cheeks is linked to bruxism.
– Pain that feels like earaches or dull headaches originating in your temples are often common symptoms of bruxism.
– Bruxism can cause a locked jaw which causes you to fail to fully open and close your jaw as needed.

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