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Keeping your smile for a lifetime requires maintaining your oral health in many different ways. While it’s important to brush and floss daily, you should also be scheduling regular dental exams and cleanings at six-month intervals. When you visit the dentist for a dental checkup, this can include an oral cancer screening that enables us to oral cancer early.

Your dental checkups at Otsego Dental Group typically include a complete dental cleaning performed by our team to polish your teeth and remove any plaque on your smile before our dentist performs an oral exam for any signs of gum disease or tooth decay. Any indications of a dental issue can be followed up with a discussion of your options for treatment.

At the end of your dental checkup, our dentist can then screen your smile for any developing signs of oral cancer in the mouth or throat by checking your face, throat, neck, and tongue. Any areas of swelling or irregular coloring, as well as oral cancer risk factors, could encourage our dentist to recommend you to a specialist to address these concerns and determine if you need treatment. By detecting oral or pharyngeal cancer early, you can significantly improve your chances of conservative treatment and successful recovery.

To learn more about treatment for oral cancer in Gaylord, Michigan, contact Otsego Dental Group at (989) 448‑2664 today and schedule a visit with one of our caring dentists, Dr. Harbin and Dr. Kempton.