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Pediatric Dentistry

Our dentists and entire staff understand the importance of good oral health for young children. They have specialized training in primary teeth. They are here to help protect and restore children’s teeth so that they can speak and eat easily and have a wonderful smile. They understand the growth and development of children’s teeth so they can start children off with good oral health.

We also understand how important taking care of children’s teeth is. We will work with parents to ensure their children are taking good care of their teeth at home. We will also monitor their mouths for any problems so we can catch them early. If needed, we will work with your children’s regular doctor to treat any problems we find.

Oral Health Exams Gaylord, MI

Oral Health Exams

We truly believe that regular dental examinations are important in order for your child to have good dental health and a smile of which he or she can be proud. We start by doing a professional cleaning, removing all of the bad tartar and other buildup on your child’s teeth.

We then do an examination, looking to catch and fix any problems before they become bigger ones. We examine each tooth, looking for any signs of decay, damage, or any other problems, such as signs of infection. We want to correct any problems your child may have.

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Dental Sealants

A dental sealant is a liquid coating applied to the chewing surface of the teeth and then hardened to help prevent cavities. The pits and grooves of teeth are popular areas for tooth decay. Tooth brushing may not be enough to clean these intricate structures.

Sealants are designed to block out bacteria and food debris that otherwise may lead to decay. Developed about 50 years ago, sealants became common in the 1970s and are continuing to gain popularity. Children are the best candidates for sealants because many have not experienced tooth decay.

Application Process

Dr. Harbin or our Registered Dental Hygienist will first clean the tooth surface and then etch the tooth with a chemical substance that allows the sealant to adhere better. Once the sealant is applied, it is hardened using a dental curing light. Sealants typically need to be reapplied every 5-10 years.

We invite you to call (989) 448‑2664 for more information about dental sealants in Gaylord, Michigan, and we look forward to seeing you for a consultation at Otsego Dental Group.

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