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Always a professional and relaxed atmosphere at Otsego Dental Group.

Joe H. Avatar

Joe H.

Was fine a.little disappointed my.teeth wernt ready but more important been with out this long a.little longer wont matter

James Henderson Avatar

James Henderson

As Always Dr. Harbin and all of the staff are very professional, gentle and fun to talk with (when you can talk) Diane is amazing at her knowledge for Insurance, What to expect and scheduling Organization.

Vicky Glasser Avatar

Vicky Glasser

Being at vacation home I had an emergency with tooth and gum infection. I called Otsego Dental and Dianna got me in same day.Everyone at Dr. Harbins office was caring to my dental needs. Dr Harbin did my mouth exam with care. Am now recovering slowly with antibiotic prescribed and am considering going back to him for future dental issues.Thanks to all at his office. Bob Isola

Bob Isola Avatar

Bob Isola

The staff at Otsego Dental Group are amazing. Everyone at the office is always catering to the patient. Dr Harbin is lucky to have the staff he works with. Dr Harbin is the best dentist I have ever had. He explains treatments every step of the way. He caters to cowards (me). I recommend Otsego Dental Group whenever someone asks about a dentist.

Kelly Feole Avatar

Kelly Feole

This was a great dental experience. A thorough cleaning and exam. I found my new dentist for life.

Maryellen Werstine Avatar

Maryellen Werstine

I was a new patient, so this review means a little or possibly more to others than I was thinking . When I was there for my cleaning appointment, they had used the latest dental equipment and did a great job on my teeth. The people are awesome there. Very friendly. They offered me an interest-free loan on all of my dental work. Looking forward to have more of my dental needs worked on, very soon.

Brian Soper Avatar

Brian Soper

From the time I walked in to well after I had already left for the day, the whole staff treats you as family. Not to overuse that phrase but I mean it full heartedly. Dr Harbin takes time to explain everything involved with your situation and makes sure that you both are on the same page with no confusion. Really put my nerves at ease as I begin this big transition. Fully recommend them to all.

Hunter S. Gonzo Avatar

Hunter S. Gonzo

Clean office, polite staff, knowledgeable dentist.

Lori Meyer Avatar

Lori Meyer

Followed Dr. Harbin has he moved from each office in his career. We have recently moved to Florida, and had to find a new dentist. The one we are currently seeing said, who ever took care of your teeth previously is an excellent dentist. Thank you Dr. Harbin and Diane for all the things you have done for our family over many years.

pamela holcomb Avatar

pamela holcomb

Dr Harbin and his assistant did an awesome pain free repair to my teeth. Office ladies were very friendly as usual! Great dental office.

Bernie Gapinski Avatar

Bernie Gapinski

This was my first appointment with this dentist.My teeth are in bad shape and always have been since I was a child.This was the first dentist I've gone to that didn't give me a bad time about it, or insist on a lot of extra work.The entire staff was friendly, professional and took care of my immediate need.Reasonably priced too.

Tom Glide Avatar

Tom Glide

Great service and staff!

DRP DRP Avatar


Very professional and very detailed. Highly recommended!

Michael Hegwood Avatar

Michael Hegwood

Dr. Harbin and his team are that perfect mix of professionalism and experience, with personable service. I’m unfortunately a “dental frequent flyer” with some tricky issues due to a childhood accident, and did some extensive research - including TC and Petoskey - before making an appointment with Dr. Harbin. So grateful to have a top notch, reasonably priced, above-average customer focused team to keep me healthy!

Heidi Savage Avatar

Heidi Savage

They have been a part of our family up north for the past 6 years. We are moving and we seriously considered staying here and making a trip up every 6 months! Diane and Nichole are amazing! And Dr. Harbin is great and professional. We will miss this place so much!

Matthew Sortland Avatar

Matthew Sortland

Dr Harbin and his staff are wonderful. They all care about the patient and their concerns. Dr Harbin gives you what your options are and then it's your choice. They are compassionate and caring. My experience is the best I've had in long time. I highly recommend this dental group in gaylord mi.

Rosemary Baker Avatar

Rosemary Baker

Very professional, and courteous staff. Excellent service.

Richard Brondyke Avatar

Richard Brondyke

Everyone is great, a lot of compassion and kindness. Best dental experience I’ve had

Taylor VerVane Avatar

Taylor VerVane

Christine, the dental hygienist, was very thorough, gentle, & explained the cleaning process quit well. Dianne, at the front reception, was pleasant & informative.Dr. Harbin made you feel at ease, explained the procedure, & overall made my visit enjoyable.

R L K Avatar


I love the people and it’s a great experience. I only wish I didn’t have to wait six months to go back! 😁

Bryan Stephenson Avatar

Bryan Stephenson

If you're looking for a Dentist, THIS is the place to go! Dr. Harbin is Fabulous, and you couldn't ask for friendlier people in the entire office, from the assistants, to reception, and billing! Everyone is Amazing!

Sheila Ann Avatar

Sheila Ann

Recently had my teeth cleaned. Hygienist was pleasant,friendly but did not try to carry on a conversation while cleaning my teeth. So appreciate that aspect! Hard to respond with your mouth open! Employees wore masks. Atmosphere is serene quiet which I appreciate. Dr Harbin has gentle hands and quiet ways.

Dawn Kleinhuizen Avatar

Dawn Kleinhuizen

very freindly, professional and competent people

merrill harker Avatar

merrill harker

I was very satisfied with my appointment. Everything was handled to my satisfaction.I would say five starsl

Gladys Solokis Avatar

Gladys Solokis

Absolutely amazing place!!!!

Steph Waldron Avatar

Steph Waldron

Great, fast, painless cleaning. Checkout was fast and efficient. These folks know their business!

Sheryl Lamarand Avatar

Sheryl Lamarand

Every visit there is a good one!

Mitzie Hoeh Avatar

Mitzie Hoeh

Great service and super hot assistants 🙌🏽☺️🔥

Brandon Clemons Avatar

Brandon Clemons

I needed to go to dentist bad. The thing is....I do not like going to dentist.We moved up here 5 yrs ago. I asked around....put it off as long as I could....Finally, I decided on Dr. Harbin.I was still wondering if this was a good choice?I went for consult.Then had cleaning appt.Next came fillings appt for an hour and a half.It was amazing!The staff was friendly, welcoming and truly helpful with my insurance and appts.I appreciated their wisdom and coordinating my treatment for my life style!My hygienist, Nicole, was thorough, easy going, and made me feel comfortable.Filling appt, I met Sherrie-assistant-she explained everything....put me at total ease.Doc Harbin is next...he gets right down to business. You can tell he has skills. I asked him to tell me about all the concerts he’s been to-starting with very first one. I was already tensing up....forgetting to breathe, gripping chair. So...he started sharing his history with music....and before I knew it-I was done!Best dentist appt I ever had!!!! I forgot all about breathing, relaxing....I just listened to the Doc and it was fun!!!Next day...I felt great! Couldn’t even tell I’d been to dentist!!!Please take my advice-go to Dr. Harbin - you’ll thank me later!

mjskylark Avatar


Thanks for asking,Christina you’re Great talking about Life here the Great North Wow and Diane keeping the Office 👍🏻 and Dr.Harbin all his EXPERTISE 🎩🎩 off to EVERYONE!

Michael McDougall Avatar

Michael McDougall

The staff is amazing. Kind and friendly. Treated like family. Front desk gal always answers all my questions when it comes to my insurance and setting up appointments. Always feel welcomed and appreciated for being a patient there.

Sun Flower Avatar

Sun Flower

I am like most ! hate to go the dentist. Well not here. Everyone was great, from seeing Diane's smiling face to Catherine (hygenist) and the rest of the staff.Yes, even the dentist. I highly recommend these guys. Thank you!!!

Ronald Dombrowski Avatar

Ronald Dombrowski

So kind,, caring and thorough. I’m not afraid to go to the dentist anymore.! Dr. Harbin is wonderful

Margie C Avatar

Margie C

I receive thorough personalized care at Otsego Dental Group and am very happy with the place.

Laura Beach Avatar

Laura Beach

My recent visit was an extraction... Doc was amazing! Super gentle. Overall, my experience was great as usual!!

Rachel Gibson Avatar

Rachel Gibson

With the exception of a $19 COVID charge, everything was great. I did not notice or was notified of that charge until after I was done. I was not informed in any verbal way, just a notice on the counter of the fact. I’m not sure I should be charged for something I didn’t create but I paid it. I think I should have been told before hand.

JohnandJudi Stutzman Avatar

JohnandJudi Stutzman

Dr. Harbin and the staff at Otsego dental group are great.

Robert Nagy Avatar

Robert Nagy

Everyone is very caring and professional. Going to dentist is hard enough, this was a very positive experience..

Barbara Moore Avatar

Barbara Moore

My new Dental through VA, great staff, excellent work and the caring and dedication shows in their service to clients.

Rick Anderson Avatar

Rick Anderson

The staff was very friendly and welcoming. Nichole the hygienist was excellent, and professional.

Rick Schultz Avatar

Rick Schultz

What a wonderful experience! Truly professional in all matters!

Nila Fisher Avatar

Nila Fisher

They are very organized and friendly as well as knowledgeable! In the past at other dentists when I had my teeth cleaned it was painful for the next day or so Not so here, my teeth were cleaned well and no pain afterwards. I highly recommend!

Sandy Miller Avatar

Sandy Miller

We love this dentist office! We have had several of the hygienist and all do such a great job, especially with our young kids.

Jennifer Polzin Avatar

Jennifer Polzin

As a person with severe dental phobia, the entire staff at Otsego Dental has been the BEST!

Loreen Keeth Avatar

Loreen Keeth

I called about a painful tooth at 8:30 am and was in the chair to see Dr. Harbin by noon on Thursday. Less than 24 hours after my first call, I now have an appointment for. Root canal on Monday. I’d say this is exceptional service! Thank you Otsego Dental Group!

Jon Tobin Avatar

Jon Tobin

Professional, positive, and edifying.

Frank Weber Avatar

Frank Weber

I called about a painful tooth at 8:30 am and was in the chair to see Dr. Harbin by noon on Thursday. Less than 24 hours after my first call, I now have an appointment for. Root canal on Monday. I’d say this is exceptional service! Thank you Otsego Dental Group!

drew pichan Avatar

drew pichan

The staff in this office is truly outstanding! I never have to wait when I come in for my appointment. Dr. Harbin has done awesome dental work on me. I would recommend them to anyone!

Theresa Copenhaver Avatar

Theresa Copenhaver

The Staff and Dr are amazing, we tell everyone they need to go there, they treat you like family.

Kaye Stoker Avatar

Kaye Stoker

Diane is always upbeat and smiling the best greeting. Nicole is so pleasant and very good with me. Thank you for taking such great care😊Tim was out unfortunately but I did receive a timely follow up on my x-rays; all is good👍

Pat Scott Avatar

Pat Scott

Very calm and soothing atmosphere, especially for all of us who have anxiety going to the dentist! Dr. Harbin is very relaxed and easy going, and a great listener. I have had lots of work done here, at Otsego Dental and highly recommend them!! All of the staff are very nice and attentive to your needs. My husband, Rob really gives a high recommendation to them as well.

Sue Martin Avatar

Sue Martin

I am extremely impressed at how amazing these people are! They never forget a face, they listen and make you feel like family! I love that I don't have to know everything about my dental insurance or what the VA covers, these woman take care of it ALL for me and for my children!

Melissa Avatar


I have not been to the dentist for way too long. These guys are THE best! They have developed a plan, completely understand and deal with Insurance. They know how to get the very most at the lowest cost for their patients, and make you feel so perfectly comfortable.I have been terrified of the dentist my entire life. These guys make it easy and stress Free.

Tina Collison Avatar

Tina Collison

I like the small practice where I am treated as an individual, not one of many who are visiting this dental office. It is a quiet, calm setting with excellent treatment.

Anne Wakenhut Avatar

Anne Wakenhut

The staff is friendly, thorough and knowledgeable. They listen to your concerns and keep you informed of what they are doing and why.

Denise Kubitski Avatar

Denise Kubitski

I always have a good experience with dr Harbin and his staff. The only thing I don’t agree with is the extra $19 charge added to my bill. I don’t think it’s right to charge us for something that’s beyond our control especially when everything is so expensive. Just my opinion.

Linda West Avatar

Linda West


Jessica Burns Avatar

Jessica Burns

Excellent care and service. They got me in at a moment's notice when I was having a tooth problem. Dr and staff were terrific. Highly recommend!!

Rob Hozdish Avatar

Rob Hozdish

Staff was friendly, caring, professional. Dr Harbin gave explanations as he proceeded with good attention to details making sure that the outcome was successful

Mary Reiterman Avatar

Mary Reiterman